Bulk SMS Noida

Lots of mobile and smart phone user are busy on texting, so take an advantage of this and expand your business via marketing with Bulk Text SMS. We provides Bulk Text and Voice SMS services to promote your products, offers and services with an instant approach. We provides very user friendly panel to customize SMS solutions for promotional and transactional bulk text and voice SMS as per your need.

bulksms noida

Bulk SMS Noida


Number of mobile users has been increasing rapidly and India has more than 867.80 mobile users and this large number of mobile users stimulates the fact of entering the new era of marketing that is called SMS marketing. Bulk text and voice SMS is part of online and digital marketing that is being used by almost all companies to promote their services, offers and products. Every organization big or small are taking an advantage of bulk text and voice SMS marketing for promotion because this is fast, instant, affordable, most reliable and very effective medium to market any businesses.

Facts of SMS marketing and benefits

  • Very large number of mobile users (India has more than 867.80 Million)

  • A person, on an average looks at his/her mobile phone for 150 times

  • User carry mobile phone 14 hrs a day

  • 73% users want to receive special offers on their mobile.

  • Conversion ratio is 20% that is very high than traditional marketing

  • Average response time of SMS is 90 seconds which is very less than Email response time, 2.5 day

  • SMS is successful marketing method in most of business type such as retail, promotion, communication and notification

  • You can establish two way communication with SMS marketing

  • Alert people with time sensitive information because most mobile phone users have their mobile with them every time.

So, if you are a business owner, company or any organization than choose bulk text sms service provider to send messages for marketing and promotion of your products, offers, services and notification with 100% fast and instant delivery.

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